We're a growing company constantly seeking the perfect match to continue advancing our business. Partnering with GamerLegion offers you a chance to enter the world of esports alongside a professional and accomplished team.

Official Betting Partner


GamerLegion and FONBET launched their partnership in 2023. The FONBET logo is prominently displayed on the left collarbone and right shoulder of the Counter-Strike jerseys. Together, GL and FONBET are dedicated to bringing fans closer to their heroes, creating unforgettable experiences.

Official Gaming Chair Partner


BACKFORCE has been one of GamerLegion’s longest standing partners. This Germany based brand equips our Gaming House with ergonomic gaming chairs.

Premium Partner Counter-Strike


GamerLegion and Layenberger Nutrition Group teamed up before the Paris Major 2023. The specialist in innovative and functional nutrition is now featuring their gaming booster, MINDTANK, on the right collarbone of our Counter-Strike jerseys.

First GL supporter


Re-Bo is GamerLegion's oldest partner. Known for their circular saw blades, they represent the highest quality, absolute reliability and outstanding service.


Partnering with GamerLegion offers a fantastic opportunity. As a professional and accomplished organization with a strong reputation and solid values, we provide numerous benefits to our partners.