“It was perfect for our livestream. Spacious LAN area with powerful PCs & plenty of room for every idea we came up with. A well-equipped kitchen & clean sleeping facilities for everyone who had to work on the stream around the clock. Already looking forward to the next time.”

One of the biggest streamers in Germany

"There are not many bootcamps like this. We had a great time here."

One of the biggest Esports orgs in the world
TSM - Dota

"Everything worked great and the location was very cool. Many thanks also for the support."

One of the biggest Esports tournaments for deaf people


This is your chance to train like a real esports pro. With a fiber optic connection, high quality technical equipment, and a specially darkened area, you have the opportunity to fully focus on your performance. Our own teams leverage these optimal conditions to extract the last percent of effort before the most important competitions of the year and now, you can experience this unique feeling too!


Our 300m² gaming area has everything you could wish for. Whether it’s hosting a simple stream with a unique flair from our gaming area or one of the biggest Age of Empires tournaments spanning a whole week - our Gaming House offers a variety of uses.


Rent the Gaming House to create unique content for your brand.

Companies like Hello Fresh, Ankerkraut, and Fritz Kola have already leveraged our Gaming House to produce exciting content for their audiences.


Interested in booking our Gaming House? Send us a brief request - we’d love to hear from you!