Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby

€3,000 in the bank, a free trip to EVO Las Vegas, quite a successful weekend. Our Tekken pro Tetsu fulfilled his dream and will compete at the biggest fighting tournament in the world.

From Home Sweet Home to Paris

Before being able to fight for the golden ticket, Tetsu had to go through a long and dragging online qualifier. Over 250 players fought for a ticket, and in a Swiss format, Tetsu and his good friend Nino were the ones winning all eight games and therefore, qualifying for Paris.

Road to Evo 2024 Europe LAN 

Only one of them could win the golden ticket. To put them out of their comfort zone, Tetsu and Nino had to face Watanabe and Genghis Don, two Evo finalists of the past (finalist in the Tekken world means top eight). Funny enough Tetsu and Nino dominated both won against Watanabe and Genghis Don, so they had to face each other in a sudden death. Nino was a tough opponent, but in the end, Tetsu was stronger, winning 2:1. Competition in Paris was tough already, and it won't be easier in Las Vegas, but Tetsu is ready to give it all. From July 19th to 21st, he will fight for the crown of the best Tekken player in the world.

Picture: ©ElliotLeCorre