The next generation of Counter-Strike

The next generation of Counter-Strike

Snax, volt, sl3nd, aNdu, FL4MUS. Mark their names; you will hear from them. Our new Counter-Strike roster is young, our new roster is hungry and trust us, they are ready to reach the stars.

Looking back one last time

One year after shocking the world and reaching the final of the last CS:GO Major in Paris, only our Coach is still at GamerLegion. siuhy (MOUZ) and iM (Navi) left us after the Major. Keoz (ITB) and isak (NIP) found new homes this month and acoR is still searching for a new challenge. We look back proudly on what we achieved last year. From building a Major champion worthy roster out of basically nothing to representing our flag in competitions against the best of the best, we successfully cemented our name in the esports universe. 

It's time to move forward

The Paris chapter is closed. We march forward with unfulfilled dreams and an unyielding thirst for victory. We've been honest with ourselves, recognizing the need for change. Our new roster is a testament to our adaptability, showcasing our ability to unearth raw talent and mold them into elite players.

Three perfect pieces

aNdu, forged in our academy team and 100 percent ready for greater challenges.  A fearless entry with the ability to catch fire at any given time. FL4MUS, a hyper aggressive CIS prodigy, dominated at the tier 2 scene with Nemiga while only being 18 years old. And sl3nd, our new AWPer, who has gained experience at MOUZ NXT & Endpoint, now ready to take the Tier 1 scene by storm. 

The first big test 

Our first LAN as a team will be in Copenhagen at BLAST Premier Fall Groups, where the elite of Counter-Strike will meet after the summer break. There is lot on the line as the winner gets one of only eight spots the BLAST Premier World Final. We aren't the favorites to go there, we know that. But we are hungry, and who doesn't love a good old underdog story?