SERIES /// 001 – Join the Legion, Live the Legion

SERIES /// 001 – Join the Legion, Live the Legion

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first merchandise collection. After looking boring for half a decade, we dedicate this collection to our fans, who have supported us despite this. We have always valued your unwavering support; this new collection is a testament to that special bond.

Three unique designs for every taste

Our collection includes the designs Technician, Supporter, and Enforcer, perfect for supporting your favorite team in a crowded arena or on your second screen at home. We searched extensively for the best materials to deliver the best quality and bring our vision to life. All of our apparel is produced in Turkey under fair conditions.

From fanatics for fanatics

Everything from design to quality control, photography to modeling, is done in house and is made by fans of our team, for fans of our team. As die hard fans of GamerLegion, we promise one thing. This is only the beginning; SERIES /// 001.