Red Bull Wololo is back with another masterpiece

Red Bull Wololo is back with another masterpiece

A beautiful castle in the heart of Spain, $138,000 on the line, and the eight best players of the world, Red Bull Wololo El Reinado is everything an Age of Empires fan could ever dream of. From October 3rd, our AoE legends will fight for the most important title of the year. 

A legendary tournament series

El Reinado is the seventh episode of a truly legendary tournament series. Started out in 2020 as an online cup, Wololo quickly developed into one the most beloved series of the scene. Some of the Grand Finals are considered to be the best of all time. The victory of our player DauT in the third edition will probably be the greatest story of the Age of Empires esports history forever. If you want to know more about the magical run, we created a whole documantary in honor of it.

With Red Bull Wololo V: Enthrone, the saga reached a new level. Hosted in the Heidelberg Castle, the best players competed in a LAN environment since ages.

Tons of potential storylines

No matter who will win El Reinado, the story will be remarkable. The clear favorite is Hera. The Canadian won the last eight (!) S-Tier tournaments, but a Red Bull trophy is still missing in his title collection. His most feared opponent will be TheViper, the undisputed GOAT of Age of Empires and Champion of Wololo V. Some people fear he is washed, but the final of Warlords III (3:5 against Hera) nevertheless showcased his capability of winning against everyone at any given time. Not to be forgotten is TaToH, who won the last edition. The Spaniard has a home crowd advantage and was the one beating Hera the previous time. And there is DauT, who may have another masterpiece in him.

The toughest qualifier of all time

There are only eight tournament spots, two of which have already been given to the last champions, TheViper and TaToH. On July 28th, the four best players of the AoE II Empire Wars ranked Ladder will qualify directly. Numbers four to twelve will compete in the Last Chance Qualifier for the remaining two spots. The ladder will be more competitive than ever before, as playing at Wololo is everything an AoE player could ever dream of.